Facts & History

Home to scientific and medical breakthroughs

The division was established in 1930, formally uniting faculty from the clinical and basic sciences. Before 1930, faculty in such areas as anatomy, bacteriology, biology, physiology, and pathology were housed in the Ogden Graduate School of Science. 

The first professor of medicine, Frank Billings, was appointed in 1905. The University of Chicago Medicine has been at the forefront of medical care since 1927, when we first opened our doors to patients and founded the medical school. In 1968, we renamed the medical school the Pritzker School of Medicine in recognition of the generous support of the Pritzker family.

Today, we constitute one of the most unique communities within an academic environment: a single division that delivers undergraduate, graduate, medical, and postgraduate biological sciences education together with outstanding patient care and world-renowned research. This configuration, coupled with our location on the University's main campus, encourages interdisciplinary research, educational partnerships, and collaborations.

Firsts in the Biological Sciences Division

From advancements in medical treatments to the discovery of new species and fields of study, we have been home to a number of innovations in the biological sciences. The timeline below takes you through some of the major milestones in our history.